Friday, August 5, 2011

lime juice is the new salt

see it there? 'tip no. 1 lime juice is the new salt (p.62).'

this little phrase inspired lynne & i to begin a baking blitz.

we'll have:
 cranberry lime & white chocolate bar cookies with a graham cracker crust
blueberry-lime cheesecake cupcakes with an oatmeal crust
lime meringue tarts with fresh berries (reminiscent of the cover shot)
lime cupcakes
lime meltaways...

and on & on it goes - perhaps we got a little carried away...

lime has also made it's way into the savoury fare.
yesterday i made a new batch of thai chicken & rice soup with a tart lime finish ($5).
there will also be southwest style pulled chicken ($10) brightened up with fresh lime. it will pair nicely with the newest concoction - sweet potato salad with bell peppers, cilantro, chipotle & lime of course ($5).

i've been on a major 'picnic kick' all summer so there will also be creamy potato salad (like last week), quinoa salad & marinated vegetable salad - all $5 each.

all i can say is, i sure hope everyone loves lime as much as the twisted chef & i do.

i'll have most of my regular range of baked goods as well but it's fun to switch it up a little, and so much easier to do with an extra set of hands around!

see ya at the market :)

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