Thursday, September 8, 2011

i don't know what's come over me

i haven't eaten a gargantuan steak in weeks, i've started cooking actual meals for myself, and i stocked the fridge with fruits & veggies for snacks... this is odd.

i've noticed more and more people looking for vegetarian & vegan options - i figured they might be on to something. i haven't gone that far but i did lighten up my cooking this week & even threw in a vegan main course for the weekend.

the market is teeming with fresh veggies & just looking at the displays made me want to make ratatouille this week.

fresh main courses
braised chicken in ratatouille with basil over soft, parmesan polenta 
serves 2 $20

vegan chickpea curry, with squash, cauliflower, spinach & brown rice 
small $7.5 large $15

fresh salads
marinated vegetable, garlic, oregano
potato, egg, celery, bean, radish, tarragon
quinoa, tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, herb

frozen mains
roast pork loin, gnocchi with corn & chanterelles
serves two $20

grilled southwest chicken, sweet potato mash, black bean & corn succotash
serves 2 $24

creamy british fish pie, lemon-dill mashed potatoes
serves 2 $22

curried chicken & chickpeas with basmati
small $10 large $20

quinoa 'jambalaya', grilled chicken, shrimp & chorizo, lemon, tomatoes, peppers
serves 2 $18

moroccan meatballs, getaway beef, harissa quinoa
serves 2 $18

shepherd's pie, getaway beef, cheddar mash, peas & corn 
small $7.5 large $18

fish cakes & baked beans
serves two $15

lobster mac & cheese
small $10

sausage & cheese curd penne
small $7.5

frozen soups & chowders
curried butternut squash
thai chicken & rice
ginger beef
seafood chowder
corn chowder
roast red pepper & tomato
vegan stew
potato, pear, celery, gorgonzola
root veggie puree

this week will see the return of oreo cheesecake cupcakes & i'm testing out a double strawberry cupcake as well...
see you over the weekend :)


  1. did you also stock your fridge with some peanut butter hummous????? :0)
    i love that the oreo cheesecakes are back. are you going to bring back those amazing white chocolate lime bars with cranberries on top???
    have a GREAT weekend at the market.

  2. I will definitely be stocking up on some of those!