Friday, September 23, 2011


this week has been absolutely insane.
every friday i find myself saying 'i can't believe it's the weekend again', and this week is no exception.

monday was cleaning, chilli & chicken stock.
tuesday was finishing up shepherd's pies, cream of broccoli, thai chicken & rice, baked beans, and maple bourbon bbq sauce.
wednesday was shopping, chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies, and catering prep.
thursday was catering a 5-course plated dinner & weekend catering prep.
which brings me back to friday which will see tons of baking, finishing up a couple of salads & making hors d'oeuvres for pick up tomorrow at the market...

needless to say, the freezers are jam packed... seriously it's a bit ridiculous! i may not even do a new fresh option next week simply because i have no where to put it... but if this weekend is super busy i'm sure i'll whip up something.

so here goes with the menu:

chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies - braised chicken in a rich gravy with a puff pastry lid   
small $10 large $20

shepherd's pie - getaway farm beef, peas & corn, creamy, cheddar mashed potatoes
small $9 large $18

sausage & cheese curd penne - shani's farm sausages, kale, marinara, parmesan & foxhill curds
small $7.5 large $15

salt cod fishcakes & molasses baked beans - serves 2  $15

curried chicken & chickpeas with basmati rice
small $10 large $20

vegan curry with chickpeas, butternut squash, cauliflower, spinach & brown rice
small $7.5 large $15

southwest chicken dinner - sweet potato mash, black beans & corn, chipotle, lime & cilantro - serves 2 $24

quinoa 'jambalaya' - chorizo, shrimp, grilled chicken, peppers, tomatoes, lemon & herbs - serves 2  $18

creamy british fish pie - mussels, salmon, smoked haddock & sea trout with lemon-dill mashed potatoes
serves 3-4 $22

i will also have some type of fingerling potato salad & a quinoa salad - i know they'll both be vegan but beyond that, i haven't quite decided yet.

there will be an array of cupcakes, cookies, tarts, brownies & mini cheesecakes - definitely the mint-oreo ones & perhaps a new flavour depending on my time management skills today...

oh dear, i had better get in the kitchen. see ya tomorrow... hopefully i'm on time ;)

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