Tuesday, September 27, 2011

steppin' out

sometimes it's really nice to get out of the kitchen, walk away from the dishes, ignore the lists & not lift a finger. that's exactly what i did today.

it was gorgeous outside & i decided to go for a hike. i grew up in prospect village & have spent many hours 'up the shore' over the years, but today i went further than i've ever gone before & was rewarded with some pretty epic views.

i know it's technically fall, but today it felt like summer had finally arrived. 

along the way, there are constant reminders of the power of the sea. driftwood is scattered far from the shoreline & even whole trees are washed up on beaches.

& it's a veritable, lobster pot graveyard. it makes you realize just how dangerous the work is that the lobster fishermen do & appreciate the fruits of their labour so much more.

not to mention the erosion. this poor tree has roots growing to nowhere.

and the dangerous sheer rock faces that drop into shallow waters below.

this view made me a little nervous, not gonna lie.

and oddly enough, i found myself internally quoting 'heritage moments' on the hike home.

and perhaps this will be the year i invest in some sturdier hiking shoes.

don't worry i promise to get back in the kitchen tomorrow. seafood chowder, beef stew & lots of broccoli on the prep list for the week, but for now i have blisters to tend to :)

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  1. How wonderful, love all those beautiful pictures, I bet the air smelt salty fresh and zingy. I, alas spent the day at the market:( SO glad you had a day to recharge.