Thursday, December 22, 2011

countdown is on

christmas is so close, yet so far away - still so much to be done.
but, yesterday was an insanely productive day. there are fresh batches of maple bourbon, chipotle lime and honey mustard bbq sauces all jarred up. there are plenty of the regular sized jars and this week there are half sized jars as well - excellent stocking stuffers. i'm also putting together jars of dry rubs to accompany the sauces and they will be sold together for $10.

this week also sees the return of the braised pork & sweet potato pies that i did post-thanksgiving. it's braised pork shoulder from getaway farms with onions, ginger & cranberries and then layered with spiced sweet potatoes and pecans - super festive!  $20

the asparagus stratas i did sold out really quickly so i made a fresh batch this week with caramelized onions, foxhill parmesan and fresh herbs. they're great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. $15

and i also made more smoked salmon quiches with goat's cheese & dill. $17.50
last week i sold out of the large ones but don't forget, there are still lots of the minis in the freezer to have on hand for parties - 5 for $15

the salads this week will be:
wild rice - butternut squash, cranberries, red onion, pumpkin seeds, pecans, maple
quinoa - artichokes, asparagus, green beans, garlic, lemon, dill
veggie - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, red pepper, oregano, dijon

today is baking day, so lots & lots of cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, gingerbread), tarts (lemon & pecan), brownies, squares, oatmeal cookies and hopefully some cookies for santa if i have time...

i'll be at the market tomorrow & saturday so adjust your schedules and i'll see you there.

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