Friday, December 16, 2011

weekend menu

it's getting awfully close to christmas & i feel totally unprepared. at least the tree is up.

new mains this week are plain mac & cheese, broccoli mac & cheese (smalls and larges of both) and smoked salmon & dill quiches.
i have mini quiches as well for cocktail party purposes.

there are three salads too.

wild rice: roasted squash, cranberries, seeds, nuts, red onion and maple vinaigrette.
quinoa: asparagus, green beans, artichokes, lemon, garlic and mustard.
sweet potato: bell peppers, cubanelles, cumin, chipotle, cilantro and lime.

i have loads of baking to do today and i'm waaaayyyy behind schedule. cupcakes, brownies, tarts and cookies, oh my! i'm hoping for a bit of a christmas miracle.

a demain.

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