Wednesday, December 28, 2011


dear customers,
     i am currently slacking off. it's been awhile since i've been this lazy but i have adopted a sloth-like existence over the past week. i had planned to go to the seaport market this friday & saturday, however i've changed my mind & will only be heading in on saturday from 7am-1pm. i'm sorry but merry christmas to me, this year i give myself the gift of rest (& new rain boots of course).

    this is currently my view & i'm quite all right with it.

i've been a year at this now & it's time for a smidgen of a rest.

    i'd also like to thank everyone for their support during my first year of business. it's sort of amazing how far i've come in the past 365 days. i now know so many more people & have made some great friends along the way. some customers (you know who you are) even gave me christmas gifts & cards - so thoughtful & touching. it's pretty rad, i feel special!

   as repayment, i've decided to not cook a new main course this week - womp, womp, womp sorry folks. i have tons of awesome stuff in the freezer so there'll still be plenty of food but i'm giving myself a bit of a break. i'm still going to make some fresh salads & all of my baked goods of course, but no new mains - sorry.

here's what's in the freezer:

asparagus strata with caramelized onions & foxhill cheese             $15
chicken, leek, broccoli & bacon pies                                                         small $10 large $20
creamy british seafood pies                                                                         small $11 large $22
braised brisket with blue cheese polenta                                                $23
mac & cheese (plain or broccoli)                                                                small $8 large $16
vegan lasagna                                                                                                $16
smoked salmon quiches                                                                               5 smalls $15 large $17.50
braised pork & sweet potato pie                                                                  $20
fishcakes & baked beans                                                                              $15
shepherd's pies                                                                                                small $9 large $18
sausage & cheese curd penne                                                                      $7.50

see there's tons of stuff.

    hope everyone has been having an awesome holiday & been able to take a breather, chill out & have fun. see you this saturday, aka new year's eve... aka party/dancing/noshing night. may the remainder of your holiday season be grand & your new year's resolutions be to eat more little red kitsch'n food!

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