Friday, May 25, 2012

friday frenzy

oh joy, it's friday again...
i have tgim's (monday) not tgif's. today will be a busy day, as i'm sure it is for most market vendors.

however, this week i'm actually organized! i made a ton of stuff yesterday and it's already all packaged up & in the freezers. that means all i have to worry about today is baking & salads - not too shabby.

this week i made a batch of beef bourguignon that was difficult to lift in & out of the oven. i keep selling out of the bourguignon dish the minute i make it, so i doubled the quantity this time... maybe, just maybe, i'll have it for two weekends at the market.

there's braised beef and bacon from getaway farm, red wine, mushrooms, herbs, kale, organic carrots & white spring turnips from selwood green and it's served with either parmesan polenta or spring leek mashed potatoes.
smalls $11 larges $22

i ran the potatoes through the food mill & they looked pretty rad - food mills are super annoying but also make the best mashed potatoes, and therefore worth the frustration.

after all that meat madness, i figured i should make something vegan. the tofu tagine i made a couple of weeks ago sold out in one day. since then pretty much everyone who had it came back & told me they would totally eat that one again. so i made it again.

i swear i will adopt a new flavour profile soon, but i'm still obsessed with the flavours of morocco. the sauce for the tagine is tomato based with lots of garlic, ginger, fennel seed, sumac, coriander, dates and citrus. then it's loaded up with tofu, roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes, den haan tomatoes & kale. it's served with harissa quinoa studded with olives, toasted almonds & green onions.
smalls $9 larges $18
it looks like this:

the salads this week are quite similar to last week.
the sweet potato salad was a big hit last week and sold out before lunch on saturday - i also stashed a little away for myself mwahahaha. so there's cumin, a smidge of chipotle, green onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & lots of lime.
the quinoa salad will have local asparagus, local tomatoes, local cucumbers, radishes, celery, arugula, dijon, lemon & a medley of fresh herbs.
the broccoli salad will have toasted almonds, red bell peppers, red onion, bacon (i'll do some up vegetarian), sunflower seeds & dried cranberries in a tangy dressing.

then there's the baked goods. apparently last weekend was the last weekend at the market for a major cupcake purveyor... i'm not sure how (or if) this will affect my business but i'm going to bake extra today just in case. 
flavours will be:
vanilla with vanilla
carrot with maple
red velvet with raspberry
rhubarb with strawberry
banana with peanut butter
chocolate with chocolate (or mint)

there will also be oatmeal cookies, haystacks, maple walnut shortbreads, lemon meringue tarts, snickers brownies and i think two types of cheesecake. the sour cherry-raspberry combo from last week was really popular. but i also liked how these turned out:

they're the gluten-free rhubarb cheesecakes i made for bramoso pizza this week. so if all goes according to plan i'll have both at the market tomorrow.

and with that, i'm off to the races!

ps: as i'm sure you've all heard, the coop has been dissolved and the lease for the market surrendered over to the halifax port authority. don't be alarmed. everything will continue to run as it did before. i'm sure we'll see lots of changes coming down the pipeline but for now it will be business as usual.

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