Friday, October 24, 2014

another week bites the dust

this week has been an absolute blur. it feels like i was just writing a blog post yesterday.

i actually had a rather large catering on wednesday - a big buffet dinner for almost 50 people! it was a wedding rehearsal dinner & it all turned out really well.
i made:
goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts on a bed of asparagus, zucchini & roasted tomatoes
creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes
maple glazed roasted root vegetables
creamy rotini with double smoked bacon, swiss chard, butternut squash & loads of cheese
kale caesar salad
dinner rolls
snickers brownies
lemon shortbreads
maple walnut bars
it was quite a lot of food and monopolized most of my time this week.

i did make a fresh batch of chicken stew for the market. now that we're back in to soup season i'm trying my best to replenish all the options. this batch of stew is packed with carrots, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, peas, herbs and a touch of lemon to brighten it up.
as usual it's $7/500ml serving

the other soups on the menu right now are:
roasted red pepper/tomato/chipotle
white bean, lemon & kale
vegan vegetable stew
seafood chowder
green curry chicken (fyi this batch is quite spicy!)

the salads this week are broccoli & vegan potato. the potato is slightly different this week with the addition of kale & celery from my garden.

this is krista (my helper) right after she harvested a bunch of goodies

here are those goodies turned in to salad.

the selection of frozen dinners is actually dwindling a little bit...apparently some demand built up during my september hiatus. come early to stock up. i won't be at the market on sunday and most likely not at all next weekend.

why is that? you ask. well, i will be working on the biggest undertaking in the history of my business! i have an order for
 yes that's right, 37 cakes. it's for a massive wedding & i'll explain more later but next week I will be a recluse. my days will be filled with batter & buttercream. i may go permanently cross eyed from all the piping and the hand cramps could be debilitating but it will be quite a sight when they're all finished! stay tuned.

hope to see you all tomorrow :)

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