Friday, October 10, 2014

i'm baaaack

hey folks, i'm finally back!

i'll be at the market tomorrow but not sunday this week.

i had a pretty epic day in the kitchen today & made 40 pumpkin pies - a personal record. they're a little bit different with the addition of warming chai spices & have always been pretty popular for thanksgiving.

all week i had planned on writing an elaborate blog post announcing my return, well it turns out baking 40 pies takes a long time & i'm tired, so i'll be brief.

this week i made some seasonal, holiday favourites: turkey & dressing pies & lentil shepherd's pies.

there's also a brand new batch of green curry chicken soup with coconut, lime, cilantro & sweet potato.

the salads this week are: 
beet - pears, fennel, kale, basil, balsamic, maple
broccoli - bacon, almond, red pepper, cranberry
sweet potato - peppers, avocados, lime, cilantro, chipotle (vegan)
potato - dill, green beans, celery, dijon (vegan)

there are loads of cupcakes, brownies, squares, cookies & fudge and a full array of frozen entrees & soups.

see you tomorrow :)

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