Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the black thumb

this year my garden is not going to suck. i can feel it.

this assertion is based on a few things:
1. i didn't procrastinate planting until mid july
2. i'm focusing on root vegetables rather than attempting to grow tomatoes 50 feet from the north atlantic
3. i have a sneaking suspicion mother nature will be kind this summer to make up for last year
4. i'm considering actually weeding it once or twice 

last year my garden was sad & pathetic, due to my 'black thumb' but this year i vow to turn it green. it's already almost all planted... i have the sunburn to prove it...

but it's not very often that conditions are perfect for attacking a major project like this, so i had to capitalize on the opportunity. it was a holiday monday, the sun was actually shining in prospect all day, sans fog & gale-force wind; i didn't have to do any cooking or baking; and my helpers/parents were both home to lend a hand/do the majority of the work.

several wheelbarrows full of last year's weeds had to be ripped out & then the tiller run through the earth a few times... not gonna lie, this part was not fun, good upper body workout, but not fun. it's also why i have a newfound commitment to weeding this summer.

then it was row making time. after careful measuring, figuring and discussion of the optimal footpath to planting surface ratio, the rows were staked off, mounded, raked & patted down. i wish i could take full credit for this but alas i cannot.

then it was planting time - this part i can take full credit for.

there's potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, rutabagas, broccoli, kale, butternut squash, cucumbers, garlic & chives. the entire first row is reserved for transplants of herbs & salad greens that i plan on picking up at the market this weekend. no gonna lie, pretty pleased.

i picked up all of the seeds during seedy sunday at the seaport market.

now if it all just grows like crazy, i'll be able to save so much money and supply the business with loads of things i've grown myself... horray!

last night i made cheesecakes with my first rhubarb harvest. i was lucky enough to inherit a pretty mature rhubarb patch when i moved in, it's crazy red.

and is sort of taking over the world at the moment...

it will definitely be making several appearances in my desserts over the next little while and hopefully a bunch will make it into the freezers to make spring last all year.

the garlic is also coming along quite nicely.

no scapes just yet, but i'm keeping my eyes peeled.

the only downfall was that i needed to buy a new pair of vans yesterday.
i think these ones:

will now be relegated to the garden.

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  1. I can't wait for rhubarb treats! And there is no downfall to new shoes!