Friday, May 4, 2012

switchin' it up.

so these are some pineapple-coconut-cinnamon cheesecakes. they're in the oven right now. i've been mixing it up a bit lately.

there are also maple-walnut shortbread squares this week, snickers, butter tarts, lemon tarts, hello dollies & cupcakes. the cupcake flavours are: red velvet, chocolate, banana, carrot & snickerdoodle. cinnamon has become quite prevalent this week, what with cinco de mayo & all :)

on the savoury side, i have a new vegan tofu tagine with harissa quinoa.
small $9 large $18

there's also a braised chicken dish with ratatouille, couscous & lentils. ultra healthy, ultra fresh.
large $20

i also made a new batch of fish cakes. so it's pretty classic with salt cod, mashed potatoes, summer savoury, panko, lemon & green onion.
4 for $8. in combo with baked beans for two $15.

salads are up next on my prep list - quinoa, red rice & broccoli. acckkkk too much to do. but on a lighter note, tomorrow is halifax crafters. so much stuff to blow my hard earned $$$ on :) but well worth it!

k gotta rock & roll. see ya tomorrow.

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