Friday, March 1, 2013

a more manageable pace

it seems like i've been going flat out since the beginning of december. don't get me wrong, it's freaking awesome! normally this time of year is pretty bleak in the food industry so i'm happy to be busy, but this week i scaled back production a little bit.

don't fret, the freezers are still brimming with product. i'm out of the italian beef, pork meatballs and seafood paella but otherwise last week's menu is still up to date. hopefully i'll have a busy weekend and can clear some room in the freezers, i'm in the mood to make some new pulled pork dishes so stay tuned...

i still did lots of prep for the weekend, just not in the frozen section. i went salad crazy! it feels like winter again today, but for a few days there spring was in the air. my thoughts are already turning to bbqs, picnics & potato salad.

this is my first potato salad of the year. it has fennel, radishes, celery, green beans, red onion, dill, parsley, lemon & dijon. it's both vegan & gluten-free.
i also made a new batch of the vietnamese black rice salad from last week. it has the same mix of veggies but is packed with more of them. i also added orange & lime this time to give it a bit more pizzazz. 
the beet & broccoli salads are the same as usual. 

this week also sees the return of lemon-blueberry cupcakes. i've had lots of requests for them over the past couple weeks & figured it was time to switch it up a little. i dropped the banana-peanut butter ones this week but they'll be back soon. i've got:
double vanilla
red velvet-raspberry
pink grapefruit
chocolate mint
double chocolate
paleo chocolate coconut
cupcake happy hour will be on again this week - half price cupcakes from 2-4pm on sunday afternoon.

i was also just experimenting a little. i made a new batch of the chocolate bars from valentine's day, but i spiced them up a bit. i really like mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon & cayenne. i added cinnamon to the brownie base & cayenne to the ganache layer so it's chocolate with a kick. however, i fear there may be a little too much kick for most palettes... sometimes i get a little carried away ;) but if you feel like spicing things up, give em a go - $2.50/bar.

i think that's it for my menu & i hope to see everyone over the weekend!

also, just so no ones thinks i was slacking off all week, yesterday we had a big vendor meeting at the market & i provided the snacks. there were about 100 people there so it ended up being quite a few snacks & it kept me busy. the meeting was also really positive. the port authority and the new market manager are doing a great job of keeping us abreast of the changes taking place & what we can expect to see coming down the pipeline. the seaport market has had a short but very tumultuous life & it looks like it's finally getting its footing. i'm excited to see what's to come & am so happy that the creatives from breakhouse will be helping shape the future of my workplace.

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