Friday, March 29, 2013

joel plaskett

so i'm not quite 100% ready for the market & i blame joel plaskett for that. this sounds a little bizarre but let me explain. last weekend i decided to head to the market today (good friday) and skip easter sunday. however i bought my joel plaskett tickets weeks ago & wasn't going to miss his concert last night. i'm so glad i didn't, he put on a great show at the olympic centre - aka the place you can find me may 4-5 for the halifax crafter's spring sale.

by adding my night off to an already reduced week, it feels like i lost a day & a half of prep time. i'm sort of surprised at what i was able to accomplish. i'm just missing broccoli salad & large grapefruit cupcakes. not gonna lie, i was making frosting until 1 in the morning after the show. lucky for me, friday market hours are from 10-5 so i've got a few extra hours this morning. i'll be there at the usual time tomorrow from 7-4 & i'll make broccoli salad when i get home tonight :)

ok, so new on the menu this week is a giant batch of chicken pies. they're a slight variation on the usual chicken pies i make. i took the broccoli out & replaced it with root vegetables so it's more like a traditional chicken pot pie. so there's chicken (from shani's farm), bacon, leeks, turnips, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, b. sprouts & peas. it's in a rich chicken sauce with lots of herbs & a touch of lemon. then, just like usual, it gets topped with a puff pastry lid.
small $10 large $20

apologies, but in my haste this week i didn't take a single picture :(

i also made a fresh batch of beef stew using getaway farm beef. this one has all the usual fixin's and this batch i actually fortified with some guinness. i'm not a beer fan so it's definitely not an overpowering taste, but it does add great richness & colour.
just like all the soups, it's $7/500ml

there are three salads on the menu at the moment - potato, sweet potato, beet - and i'll have broccoli salad in time for the market tomorrow. they are all pretty much identical to last week. i completely sold out so i figured i'd try that mix again.

then for sweets, there are loads of cupcakes this weekend & they'll all be decorated with colourful easter treats...i may have gone a little overboard at the bulk barn last night. there'll also be cookies, cheesecakes, squares, brownies & goat's milk fudge. the fudge has been a huge hit & the cross-promotion with obladee has been fantastic for business!

ok time to finish up some odds & ends, pack the car & head in for the day.
hope to see you all either today or tomorrow.
happy easter!

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