Friday, March 15, 2013

last minute update

it's a little later than anticipated. for a change i went out for dinner on a friday night & needless to say, it's now looking like i've got a long night ahead of me.

on a more positive note, i went to boondocks out in eastern passage where peter boudreau, previously of the fish shop, is now at the helm. had myself some wings, saganaki & a getaway farm grass-fed beef burger. it's perfect for a nice mellow night with friends and it's going to be a great hangout in the summer when the patio opens up!

unfortunately now that i have food coma, i have to get back to work. there are still a couple salads & all the frostings to make. all the frozen grub is ready to go though.

this week's new main course is perhaps my favourite yet. i've been thinking about it for awhile and this week it all came together. i started off with 15 pounds of getaway farm beef brisket. then i braised it overnight in red wine. the next day i shredded it, like you would a pulled pork, and removed most of the fat. i sauteed off loads of mushrooms with a splash of balsamic vinegar. i cooked cubed turnips, parsnips, celery & sundried tomatoes in the beef jus. then i stirred in dollops of gorgonzola & kale. the end result looks like this:

then i topped it with a puff pastry lid & finished the whole thing off with a light eggwash. this is some serious stick-to-your-ribs good food.
large $22 small $11

also from the freezer i have:

pork & sweet potato pies
asian-inspired pulled pork
chicken, leek, broccoli & baco pies
turkey curry
turkey & dressing pies
chipotle turkey
beef shepherd's pies
fishcakes & baked beans
braised italian beef with polenta
swiss chard & artichoke pasta
vegan lasagna
vegan curry
lentil shepherd's pies

some items i just have left in the small size & some are almost out, so make sure to come early & get your orders in.

i also whipped up a new batch of the beet, parsnip & pear soup. this one is vegan, gluten-free & by far the most psychedelic item on my menu.

it's funny too because this one is a pretty unusual flavour, but it's become my best seller behind seafood chowder - who knew?
$7/500mL container

for salads this week, i brought back a couple of old favourites. the quinoa & sweet potato salads are making their triumphant returns.
the quinoa is the version with shaved fennel, kalamata olives, arugula, pink grapefruit & red onion. the sweet potato has the usual avocado, bell pepper, tomato, chipotle, lime & cilantro combination.  i'll also have the beet salad & i'm still on the face about the broccoli salad, maybe it needs a week off.  also, there's a little bit of a change with the salads to container has gotten a little smaller but the price is staying the same at $5. don't hate me, but they're A LOT of work!

and i guess i couldn't forget st. patrick's day. i'll have bailey's irish cream & guinness cupcakes this weekend & lots of green shamrock sprinkles. the other cupcake flavours are vanilla, pink grapefruit, red velvet, carrot, chocolate & paleo choco-coconut. i skipped the lemon & banana ones this week but they'll be back soon.

and don't forget, my goat's milk fudge is now on the menu at obladee. randy from rancher acres is actually going on vacation & won't be at the market tomorrow, but he is so thoughtful he's sending along the goat's milk i'll need with a neighbouring farmer and called me today to let me know - you don't get service like that at the grocery store!

ok back to work...probably going to need some super loud music to power through this one!

ps: i was really debating whether or not to come in on sunday. i have decided to brave it & go in. please, please, please make it worth my while & don't just spend the WHOLE day at the bar ;)

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