Friday, March 8, 2013


this week was flat out again.

i'm not sure exactly when but i think a vacation is in my very near future...

although, it's a reasonable hour on a friday night & i'm sitting down so that's always a good sign too.

this week absolutely flew by, there was a delivery of gluten-free desserts to bramoso pizzeria on quinpool. there was a paleo cupcake special order. there was a birthday dinner party with lots of fun appetizers - which, regrettably, i forgot to take pictures of. there was the usual market prep. and there was recipe testing of goat's milk fudge to supply obladee wine bar on barrington.

it features the goat's milk of ran-cher acres at the market and has unfortunately replaced chocolate frosting as my new favourite food - this could be problematic for my waistline! obladee has one batch on hand right now to test it out & i'll have a batch with me at the market tomorrow for those in the know. not sure when it will officially roll out, but i'll keep you posted.

this week there was also a lot of voting going on. turns out i'm one of four market vendors in the running to win best market stall in the faces magazine poll. it's pretty flattering & i had no idea until a few other market vendors starting tweeting about it. if you have a second to send a vote my way, i'd really appreciate it.

the coast's best of food 2013 survey also came out this week. this one's a little different than last year, not as many categories & nominees for some. i'm in the best local food blog category, but you could also vote me for best stall at the market, best place to satisfy a sweet tooth, or any other category you see fit, depending on how much you like my food :) i noticed a marked increase in sales last year when i placed in two categories, so i'm really hoping for a repeat performance - fingers crossed!

i also got the nod for the halifax crafters spring fair. i participated in the holiday one & it was a really nice change from the seaport market for a weekend. great exposure, great vibe & lots of great items to purchase. it's taking place may 4th & 5th at the olympic centre on cunard. i'll have other ladies manning my table at the seaport & i'll hold down the fort there.

ok on to food. this week i cooked 20 pounds of pork shoulder from getaway farm. the first application i've done before: asian-inspired pulled pork.

there's ginger, garlic, soy, 5-spice, sesame, chillies, peppers, choy, bean sprouts, broccoli, lime, cilantro & rice.
small $10 large $20

i also had lots of extra rice. 

it's mixed up with the braising liquid from the pork & all the veggies. it tastes great on its own or with fried eggs or tofu or beef or whatever. i packed it up in my 500ml soup containers & it'll be $7.

the second application has much more of a southwestern vibe. it chipotle lime pulled pork on the bottom, then it's layered with black bean, corn & tomatillo succotash & topped off with jalapeno-spiked mashed sweet potatoes. sounds complicated but it looks like this:

there are all of my favourite flavours going on - cumin, coriander, lime, chipotle, but fear not, it's not very spicy.
small $10 large $20

the salads are all the same as last week with just a few minor adjustments. the green beans in the potato salad were swapped out with pickled garlic scapes from moon fire farm and i added peanuts & orange segments to the vietnamese black rice salad.

ok this has turned in to a novel so just come by to check out all the sweets - there are more cupcake flavours than usual & don't forget to ask about the goat fudge!

see you all this weekend
thanks for reading!

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