Saturday, February 5, 2011

and then i cooked all day

the last of the cornbread just came out of the oven and i just had to have one for dinner - they smell ridiculous! for tomorrow i have tons of goodies -

my superbowl extravaganza includes panko crusted shani's farm chicken wings - i'll be sampling the dipping sauces as well (i made a ton!), chili con carne with lots of beans and corn, and then 7 layer dip which includes:
1. ranch inspired sour cream
2. wild wind farm beef with chipotle lime bbq sauce
3. refried beans and green chillies
4. cilantro, lime guacamole (i have 2 cilantro free for those who despise the stuff)
5. salsa with cherry tomatoes and red onions
6. diced green and red bell peppers
7. cheddar cheese
it's pretty much an explosion of tex-mex flavours and always my go-to when heading to a potluck!
my cornbread muffins have lots of peppers, green onions, cheddar and of course corn kernels
then for dessert i have some festive cupcakes: dark chocolate with yellow buttercream for pittsburgh and vanilla cupcakes with green buttercream for green bay - i love themes...

i also have lots of non-tailgate party food as well - wild nova scotia blueberry muffins with a hint of seafoam lavender, pumpkin and maple cupcakes, coconut cream tartlets, ribs, brisket, chicken, fish cakes, lobster mac & cheese...i only how 1 shepherd's pie left though so come see me early in case i run out of a few things!

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