Wednesday, February 2, 2011

menu for feb 4 & 6

the ribs are in the oven for a nice slow braise and i'm very excited! i took a little creative license with my grandmother's recipe and i think they will be stellar. the mac & cheese is almost ready - i just need to find a big enough vessel to mix it all up in - could be challenging... so here's the menu for the week - one of my favourite recipes of all time for friday and some classic, tailgate fare to celebrate super bowl sunday


honey/garlic/ginger braised spareribs from shani's farm, with sesame roasted broccoli and basmati rice
   - fresh for friday              $15

lobster mac & cheese with foxhill cheese curds, oven dried tomatoes, garlic/leek bechamel, panko crust
   - fresh for friday              small $10   large $20

black bean and corn chilli con carne, wild wind farm beef, chipotles, chickpeas
   - fresh for sunday            $8

crispy baked shani's farm chicken wings with a trio of sauces - spicy bbq, blue cheese, honey mustard
   - fresh for sunday            $5

seven layer dip - beans, cheese, veggies, salsa, deliciousness
   - fresh for sunday            $5

home-smoked pulled berkshire pork (shani's farm again!) with maple bourbon bbq sauce
   - fresh for sunday            $8


braised getaway farm beef brisket with gnocchi alfredo, red wine gravy and wilted spinach    $12

bbq chicken dinner, chipotle lime sauce, cornbread, succotash, sweet potato mash                  $10

rappi pie, braised chicken, caramelized onions, salt pork and potatoes                                      $5

salt cod fish cakes and baked beans (serves 2) - i had to put the price up because i ran out of potatoes from my garden and had to buy them...sorry                                                                            $12

shepherd's pie, wild wind farm beef, peas, corn & cheddar, white root veggie mash               $7.50

soups/stews/chowders       $5 each

beet, parsnip & dill (i only have 1 left)
potato, leek and bacon
curried butternut squash
beef stew
thai chicken & rice
roasted red pepper & tomato
clam chowder
beef & barley


sweet rolls friday, cornbread sunday            $1
lemon meringue & coconut cream tartlets    $3
snickers brownies                                         $3
surprise cupcakes (still deciding....)              $2
pumpkin spice and maple mini cupcakes     $1
chocolate pecan skor                                    $1
sponge toffee                                                $1
hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles               $.50
oatmeal, w. chocolate & cranberry cookies  $2.50

i guess it's good i'll probably be snowed in tomorrow because i have a lot of baking & prep work to do - i tend to get carried away for festivities (aka super bowl). i'm already planning homemade corned beef to celebrate st. patty's day, it's a two week process! and lots of fun things for valentine's day too.
if you want to pre-order anything, give me a shout and i'll set it aside so i don't have any sad faces when the mac & cheese is gone!


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