Monday, February 28, 2011

she blows again

i feel bad for all those braving the afternoon commute home. this morning was gorgeous but since then the weather has blown in and the wind has picked up again. i watch the weather network religiously and plan my days around it - even though they get it wrong most of the time...everyone always thinks it's so lame to talk about the weather - i however think it's pretty cool. it changes so frequently and it's nice to be back on the east coast and watch how the wind affects the waves and how conditions change so quickly.
i went up to fantome rock for my hike today - here's a pic of when the weather doesn't suck:

i just went for a quick walk/hike/jog/run. half because sometimes my legs just feel like running and half because the wind was blowing like a banshee on the way home so i was rushing. and i know the math doesn't compute... but half because i wanted to be home in time to watch top chef all-stars.

i am a true food dork. there are so many crap shows on the food network with super pedestrian food that  relies on processed, quick fixes from the grocery store (ick), or super arrogant chef's who think their coats and hats make them good 'cooks', but top chef is different. the people actually know how to cook and i can pick up some ideas from watching their flavour combinations and cooking techniques. it's just another reason to love mondays! and it's probably an excuse to claim my eastlink bill on my taxes - research...

so this week i'm toning it down a little. saturday was just stupid. a bajillion fishcakes, lobster macs, baked beans and desserts do not make for a zen jenna. i can barely close the fridge and freezer doors so i've decided to just do one fresh main dish for the week. it's going to be grand though - braised italian style beef (getaway farm) ragu with red wine, roasted red peppers, garlic, tomatoes, fresh herbs and foxhill 'parmesran' polenta. there are only three weeks left of winter (officially) so i better get all of the braising out of my system while it is the season.

but spring is in there air! i was talking to the nice man from noggins farm this week. although the seasons are a little behind ottawa - where i'm used to cooking - we were talking of spring asparagus and fresh lettuces and the delicious flavours of summer. i have been buying lots of veg from noggins at the market and featuring them in my soups and sides. this week i'm concocting a new root vegetable veloute (creamy, delectable soup) featuring turnips, parsnips, roasted garlic and pears. root veggies require some love but they definitely return the favour with delicious flavours - so don't be afraid when you're cooking at home.

this week i will also be rocking out a new batch of roasted red pepper and tomato soup (it's all for you mr. kind cookie!), beef & barley soup - with wild wind farm beef, caramelized french onion soup with propellor beer and both my chipotle lime and honey mustard sauces which i've sold out of...

i'm going to the food & wine show on wednesday night to see what exactly is out there around the province. i definitely need to make some road trips to see oultons's and hutten's farms and lots of other peeps around the valley. i'm excited to make some new connections and explore my different options when sourcing local food.

i also need to figure out how to drag myself out of bed early on a saturday morning (after friday market it's a little difficult) - i've heard there is a fabulous heritage seed purveyor at the seaport market on saturday mornings (i need to check out the old market as well as that could be another retail outlet for me...). preferably i'd like to grow most of my own food throughout the summer but we'll see exactly what is possible for an amateur gardener and full time cook on this windblown peninsula...

here's what it looks like from my living room when it's calm - and i guess that's what makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. What a gorgeous picture! That view is a million dollar one. You are so lucky! Yum, looking forward to the new soups:)