Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011: the summer of awesome

 recently i've been having so much fun & really enjoying being back in nova scotia. things have changed so much since i've been gone & it's so awesome to be a tourist in my hometown again.

there is really great local business in halifax now - perhaps the shopping has become too good (i spend too much)... but at least i'm buying from small business owners and boosting the local economy...

these owls are the print of my new favourite top from biscuit general store on argyle street.

this is my new fav dress from the same shop.

i also shop a lot at if only surf shop on queen street - this ultra retro tank is from there. 
i probably shouldn't be giving away my secrets... but i need to give mad props to local, small businesses (please, just don't buy everything in my size).

and now that local produce is finally coming into season - despite the wicked weather - it just makes me stoked as a cook.

yay strawberries - and now raspberries & cherries are ripe as well - wicked.

nothin' says summer like an epic lobster roll. this dude totally fulfilled his destiny in that respect...

my rhubarb has taken over the world - i have so much, i need to process & freeze it all. it's just so great when it is an awesome deep shade of red - not watered down & greenish. i'm super lucky to have inherited an incredibly mature rhubarb patch - it's in cupcakes now.

i've also been making several fresh salads each week.

this is the strawberry, beet, goat cheese, candied walnut & pickled shallot concoction i had on the menu last week. the beets are from elmridge, strawberries noggins, greens selwood, & everything else - chez moi. i made a tangy tarragon vinaigrette to go with it and it just screamed summer (i ate all the leftovers).

getaway farms is also in the midst of setting up a 7 day/week full on butcher shop at the market. the market is really coming into its own - along the lines of toronto's st. lawrence market. to be able to easily access local, grass-fed beef on a daily basis is truly monumental in halifax. all winter i had been doing a beef & barley soup, but for the summer i lightened it up. last week i made a ginger beef soup - along the same lines as a vietnamese pho, minus the noodles - and i really like it.

fresh & crunchy! 

summer & sunshine just change the way i want to cook entirely. beach weather inspires fresh, crunchy, spicy, healthy & colourful fare. we may not be having the best summer of all time - but we can still eat like we are :)

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