Friday, July 29, 2011

it's the long weekend!

in honour of the long weekend, i'm doing another round of build your picnic/bbq. if you're heading out for the weekend or having people over & don't feel like slaving in the kitchen than i'm you're gal. everything will be $5 each & you can choose as much or as little as you like.
options are:

- getaway farm pulled pork shoulder, hickory smoked and with a tangy pineapple bbq
-baked beans
- mustard, tarragon & horseradish potato salad
- quinoa salad with loadsa fresh herbs, lemon, cherry tomatoes & cucumbers
- fennel, radish, celery & coriander slaw
- 'old school' creamy coleslaw
- dinner rolls ($1) or cheddar cornbread ($1.50)

this week i also made a fresh batch of salt cod fishcakes so fishcakes & beans ($12) will be back on the menu.
there's lobster mac & cheese - large $24 & small $10
shepherd's pie - large $15 & small $7.5
there are just small sausage & cheese curd pennes left $7.50
quinoa 'jambalaya' with chorizo, shrimp & chicken $20
thai, coconut, green curry chicken with green beans & snow peas $18
slow-smoked pork side ribs $12

and i'm sure i'll come across a few more treasures in my travels getting ready for market tomorrow...

for the next couple of weekends you'll also see another smiling face at my table - my friend lynne has driven down from ottawa to give me a hand - hooray! she is the most enthusiastic baker i have ever met & just help me get all of the baking done already - miracle of all miracles!

there will be red velvet, chocolate, rhubarb, carrot & vanilla cupcakes with raspberry, chocolate, strawberry, caramel & blueberry frostings; lemon meringue tarts (given that the heat doesn't destroy my meringue like last saturday...); oatmeal, white chocolate & cranberry cookies; snickers brownies & macaroons.

we've also been scheming and next week is going to get a bit of a shake up - according to bon appetit magazine 'lime is the new salt' so next weekend we are planning a lime dessert explosion - should be pretty radical!

ok break time / jumping in the ocean.
see ya tomorrow!

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