Friday, July 15, 2011

all stocked up

yesterday was great. the freezers are brimming, the boxes of bbq sauce are full, and all of my mise en place is ready for today so i can pump quiches out ultra fast. now my only worry is oven space - and the fact that i have to head to the city for a delivery this afternoon... caffeine here i come!

this week i was in a quiche sort of mood. i'll be making 3 flavours: roselane bacon, foxhill parm, garlic scapes, caramelized onions; sweet william's smoked salmon, spinach, dill, goat cheese; & roasted tomato, kalamata olive, arugula.
$17.50 each
they will all be baked in 9 inch pie plates so it should serve 4 with a side salad or 2 on their own. and speaking of side salads...
i'll have two salads this week. the first is baby beet, strawberry, goat cheese (or maybe dragon's breath - not sure), arugula, candied walnut & pickled shallot. the second is the same quinoa concoction as last week: quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, tons of fresh herbs.
$5 each

yesterday i also overflowed the freezers with product. carrot, apple, ginger soup will be making it's triumphant return. there's a fresh batch of vegetarian (actually vegan) chilli, this one isn't as spicy as the last batch - just a wee bit of a kick. then there is also a new concoction - ginger beef. it's sort of a take on vietnamese pho minus the noodles - i was very worried about them becoming soggy & overcooked in the reheating process so i just left them out. the broth is clear with lots of ginger and garlic and then packed with veggies and finished with lots of fresh herbs - basil, cilantro & green onions. this one is perhaps my new favourite...
here's a list of all the flavours i have this week:
carrot, apple, ginger
root vegetable puree
cream of broccoli
potato, celery, pear & gorgonzola
vegetarian chili
vegan vegetable stew
baked beans
thai turkey & rice
seafood chowder
mexican pork posole
ginger beef

i also have 1 spring pea, asparagus, parm & potato gnocchi soup left.

in the freezers there are slow-smoked pork side ribs, shepherd's pies (smalls & larges), chicken parms, green curry chicken with basmati dinners, lobster mac & cheeses (just larges), fishcakes & beans, sausage & cheese curd pennes (smalls & larges), jambalayas, and small portions of moroccan meatballs & sauce on their own... this probably won't all fit on the blackboard so if there's something you're interested in and don't see it up there, just ask :)

for sweets, i have the usual repetoire: lemon with blueberry, carrot with cream cheese, caramel with strawberry, red velvet with raspberry, double chocolate, snickers, macaroons, lemon meringue tarts, & oatmeal cookies

this week i also finally got my garden planted - just in time for ridiculous wind & cold here in prospect... but we'll see how it goes and hopefully soon i'll be cooking with the 'localest' of ingredients.

and just a little reminder - i've moved permanently to the base of the stairs by selwood green, le vendenne, seablooms & the fish shop - it's my own little nook or 'sanctuary' if you will. hopefully i'll see you all there this weekend!

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