Friday, July 1, 2011

finally, picnic weather!!

happy canada day! the sun is finally shining and i'm in the mood for picnic fare.
this week's menu will be a tons of small options that you can pick & choose from to build a meal.

slow smoked getaway farm beef brisket - grainy mustard & horseradish $10 (i love it!!!)
celery root & granny smith remoulade (fancier, french-style coleslaw) $5
new potato salad with creamy blue cheese dressing, radishes, celery, tarragon $5
marinated vegetable salad $5
crunchy asian slaw $5
sweet rolls $1 (personally i would build little brisket sliders with these)

also made another batch of getaway beef shepherd's pie. so i have smalls ($7.50) and larges ($15)

i know the soup selection is getting a little low, but seriously there is not one speck of room in any of the freezers to make more this week. hopefully i can clear some room this weekend and make more next week.

i'll have the strawberries & cream tarts again this week, and the rhubarb cupcakes (they're still wacky... but less wacky than last week). 

ok back to work, maybe if i bang out all my prep i can catch some fireworks later... maybe.


  1. Did you get to see the fireworks? We missed them this year. Oh well!

    It was so nice that Shelagh introduced us. I do love meeting other food bloggers in person but just so you know, I am kind of socially awkward, LOL. There is a reason I rarely leave my kitchen. Hope I didn't make an idiot of myself.

    Hope you like the photo of your mini cupcake on my blog. Once our roof is paid off, I will be back to try those cupcakes and some of your other fabulous treats.

  2. you're funny! it was great to meet you too & thanks so much for the shout out on your blog. when you return to the market, mini cupcakes will be waiting for you - see you then:)