Friday, July 8, 2011

le weekend

ok so next week i promise to stop neglecting my blog and actually post some photos of my recent kitchen adventures - here & in ottawa. it's just been a little hectic: ottawa, oysterfest, tasting menus, canada day, my birthday, mahone bay, friends in from out of town, caterings, deliveries.... weeeeeee! definitely a lot of fodder for upcoming posts.
but for now, this is all i got :)

i'm just about to jar another batch of chipotle lime bbq sauce, so i will have all four flavours for the weekend.

the fresh main course this weekend is thai, coconut, green curry chicken. the chicken is from shani's farm and is accompanied by fragrant basmati rice with kaffir lime. the veggies are haricots verts, snow peas & green onions with loadsa cilantro, basil, ginger & lemongrass. has a bit of heat, but when eaten with rice it's nothing too serious - personally i love it on it's own. serves 2 - $20

i also just whipped up a vegan, gluten-free side salad. it's mediterranean inspired with cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, quinoa, tons of fresh herbs, lemon & a garlic/oregano vinaigrette. $5

haven't quite put the finishing touches on my carrot, apple, ginger soup yet - but it should be good to go by sunday.

no strawberries & cream tarts this week.... but i did make caramel cupcakes with a local strawberry, cream cheese icing. there's also lemon with blueberry, red velvet with raspberry, carrot with cream cheese & double chocolate.

just a reminder that i've made the permanent switch to my spot at the base of the stairs by selwood green, seablooms & the fish shop so don't look for me in the centre anymore. i've created a sanctuary & i quite like it!

here's a taste of what's to come next week...

ok bbq sauce beckons. a demain.

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  1. great picture of the best part of our oz night meal :0)