Thursday, January 13, 2011

first delivery tomorrow

another productive day in the kitchen has resulted in two new vegan/gluten free soups - and one is fat free, highly unusual for me... now when the nice lady who sells the vegan baked goods wants to buy something i'll actually have things she can eat!
i've also been busy shopping to add some "kitsch" to my kitsch'n. i found the cutest, old school Tootsie Roll lunch box, fun magnets, more gingham and serving dishes, not to mention some new outfits reminiscent of a 50's housewife. gotta love biscuit, and pretty little things boutique - maybe a little too much, oh dear.
so tomorrow marks an exciting development, i have my first delivery. thanks to my cousin melissa, all the ladies at the lab have placed their orders and paul will deliver to the hospital while i man the booth at the market. it's great, i know what to prep and can make better use of my time. i'd love to do this for more workplaces - now i just need to figure out how...
ok, hopefully there is no snow storm tomorrow and the market is teeming with people cause i've made tons of food!

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