Wednesday, January 19, 2011

menu this week

i just finished all of my shopping for friday and sunday at the market, so now i can confirm the upcoming menu for this week.

lobster mac & cheese - local lobsters, foxhill cheese curds, oven-dried tomatoes and panko/parmesan crust
              small                     $10
              large                      $18
              full meal deal        $15 (includes a dinner roll, steamed broccoli, rapini and asparagus, and a sweet of your choice)
this will be fresh for friday but i'm sure i'll have some for sunday as well...

acadian rappi pie - pei potatoes, shani's farm braised chicken and caramelized onions
             small                      $8
             large                      $15
             full meal deal        $12 (includes an herb scone, warm pickled beet, cranberry, dragon's breath, and walnut salad and a sweet of your choice)

for those of you not familiar with rappi pie, here's a little explanation:
the name rappi is based on the french word raper which means 'to grate'. the pie is not a technical "pie" as it has no pastry crust but the potatoes create an even better one. all of the moisture is extracted from grated potatoes and then they are rehydrated with chicken stock. the entire dish is layer upon delicious layer of potatoes, shredded chicken meat, caramelized onions and finished with some crispy salt pork. this is one of my favourite meals of all time and a neighbour taught me how to make it a few years ago, it takes a lot of work but it is soooo worth it in the end! if you have time on sunday definitely drop by to pick some up.

my soups for the week are:

curried butternut squash (vegan)
thai chicken, lemongrass and rice (shani's farm)
classic beef stew (getaway farm)
potato, leek and bacon (my garden)
creamy, clam chowder (oceanwise)
beet, parsnip and dill (vegan)
roasted red pepper and tomato (vegetarian)
beef and barley (wild wind farm)
baked beans (vegetarian)

the desserts are getting a teensy bit of a shake up this week too:

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
snickers brownies
dark chocolate, hand-rolled truffles
lemon meringue tartlets
maple and pumpkin cupcake/cheesecake hybrids
old school sponge toffee

i also just whipped up fresh batches of maple bourbon and chipotle lime BBQ sauces, so add that to the honey mustard and sesame ginger and i've got four in total.

from the freezer i have bbq chicken dinners, salt cod fish cakes and beans and baked penne with shani's farm chicken and foxhill cheese.

geez louise, that's a wide selection. i'm finding it a little difficult to decide what to truck in to the market each day. it seems like the fish cakes and beans have been my best seller so far, but i'm always stressed trying to make the best decisions when i pack my coolers in the morning. i've also decided that i need a bigger vehicle - who'd have thunk a subaru forester would be too small, thank goodness i didn't get a sedan!

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