Monday, January 24, 2011

hooray! i just figured out some more technology stuff. now i'll be able to post photos of the food as i prepare it so customers will know what's inside all those foil containers in the fridge. 
here are some photos from the market last weekend. my table is slowly taking shape. i also discovered the joys of ebay today. i would like to get some more antique cake stands, apothecary jars and cloches - i just need to make sure i don't go overboard because it all has to be trucked into and out of the market each day....
 these are my 'snickers' brownies and probably my best seller - gluten free, dark chocolate brownie base, dulce de leche mixed with nuts and peanut butter, this week they were toasted peanuts and pecans.
 i have four flavours of bbq sauce/marinades/dips for the time being - chipotle lime, maple bourbon, honey mustard and sesame ginger. i would also like to add a marinara, curry, thai peanut, and general tso's. i just need to get a ph meter to test the sauces and then figure out their shelf life and jarring requirements - i feel like such a scientist!
 i love my logo. jeremias from eighty six graphic design probably wants to murder me because i am so nitpicky but a lot of people have complimented me on it so it was worth it - now i just need to finalize the sauce jar labels... he's already done about 12 revisions...
 i like sugar!
 these mini cupcakes have also been a big hit. the base is pumpkin spice cupcake with a layer of pumpkin cheese cake baked right on top and then finished with a maple cream cheese icing. for a buck a pop they're the perfect one bite treat for market goers.
as i cook up a storm this week i'll make sure to photograph my progress. i need to whip up batches of thai chicken and rice and curried butternut squash soup, shepherd's pie (wild wind farm beef), baked beans and lots of sweets.
i've planned the menu for this week as well. for friday i will have braised getaway farm beef brisket with a red wine jus, mushroom gnocchi alfredo and wilted spinach. on sunday i'm going to do a crisp striped bass with olive and caper caponata, ratatouille and and lemon, basil cous cous. i'm also thinking homemade skor bars, chocolate macaroons, and cranberry oatmeal cookies - but there are only so many hours in a day so we'll see how it goes...

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  1. I recently had a dessert party which included Jenna's pumpkin cupcakes and the "snickers" brownies amongst other yummy Jenna guests included those with nut allergies and gluten allergies. I have neither but tasted everything.... it was all scrumptious and enjoyed by the group. These products are definitely a "10 out of 10". Will definitely purchase from Jenna again and again.
    Good work Jenna