Saturday, January 15, 2011

it's all happening...

my business cards are in, very exciting! now i won't feel like such a schmuck when people ask for them and i don't have any. and the graphic designer did about 7 revisions on my label today as well. here is the initial layout, after a few more tweaks it will be perfect - to me anyway!

i've also decided that deliveries on tuesdays and fridays will be in the cards - i think for $50 orders or more. the first delivery worked out quite well and i think people are definitely into the convenience factor.
i'll be at the market tomorrow from 8-4 and then i will sleep. for tomorrow i've gone southwest style. i have grilled, free range, shani's farm chicken covered in both my chipotle lime and maple bourbon bbq sauces and a 'secret' spice rub. it comes with sweet potato puree (noggins farm) with lime, cilantro, jalapeno and green onions, honey & cheddar cornbread muffins, and black bean, corn, pepper, and red onion succotash. it may be my favourite meal thus far in the history of little red kitsch'n.
marysol (from sheeatsbears and edgar) had the cutest little cornbreads for a catering, i used her recipe as a jumping off point and added a few tweaks - honey instead of sugar, buttermilk instead of regular, a hint of orange and a few spices... they turned out awesome! thanks marysol for the inspiration.
i'm about to go and put the finishing touches on my fat-free, vegan, beet, parsnip, carrot and dill soup. it's sort of like the cabbage soup diet but way awesomer (in my opinion)! then finish my labels for tomorrow, pack up my bins and contemplate doing the dishes... probably not going to happen tonight, but it's the thought that counts...

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